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The Chakras, what are they and how do they affect us?..

If you follow my yoga or crystals pages you will see me talk about chakras a lot! So I wanted to explain them in a little more detail.. here goes.

To understand chakra's first we have to understand that we are not just our physical body. We are surrounded by layers of 7 subtle bodies, our aura. Prana, life force energy flows through everything and everyone. The chakras help to direct the flow of prana through our bodies.

A chakra is an invisible energy centre located within the subtle body - the aura. There are 7 chakras, located along the spine, there is a set of 7 chakras within each layer of the 7 bodies. The vibrational frequency of these chakras increases the further out the layer is.

The picture below shows the location, colour and name (including Sanskrit name) of each chakra.

The chakras can be likened to spinning wheels, directing and controlling the flow of energy within the layers of the bodies. If a chakra spins too fast or too slow, or becomes completely blocked, the energy flow is disturbed and this effects physical, emotional, spiritual health.

Chakras, like everything, have a vibrational frequency and when they are vibrating below their ideal frequency this is when we notice physical or emotional effects.

Chakras also have emotional links, for example the root chakra is linked to feelings of security and belonging, whereas the heart chakra is linked to unconditional love of other and also yourself.

As I said above, each Chakra has an associated colour. It is quite simple to remember the order of the colours of the chakras, starting from the root chakra (located at the base of the spine) and working upwards, as they match the colours of the rainbow.

Crystals that match the colour of the chakra can be used to bring about balance of that chakra, for example, the associated colour for the Sacral Chakra is orange, Orange Carnelian works very well to restore balance at this chakra.

Having said that, when using crystals, it is not the colour that brings balance to the chakra - it is the vibration that colour crystal produces. The vibrational frequency of the crystal will raise the frequency of the chakra, restoring balance and allowing chakra to unblock and restore optimal energy flow.

Crystals, yoga, aromatherapy massage are just some of the ways to restore balance of the chakras and ensure our energy is flowing freely, which in turn will allow us to feel balanced and at ease, physically well and achieve a more peaceful mindset.

Lets look at each chakra and its physical and emotional associations, along with a crystal that will help balance each chakra:

We have some lovely chakra sets in the SO.. Crystals shop, made up of the crystals listed above, you can find them here..

Keep an eye out for future blog posts on the chakras and associated yoga poses and essential oils.

Thanks for reading!

Love Steph xx

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