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Empower Fitness Studio Alford

Yoga 8pm


Empower Fitness Studio Alford

Pilates 7pm


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Trusthorpe Village Hall

Chair Yoga & chat 5pm £4.50

Yoga 6pm


Sunday -monthly  

Alford Corn Exchange

Yin Yoga & Nidra 7pm
(2nd Sunday of the month)


The Venues

Empower Fitness Studio, Alford

West street, Alford, Lincolnshire
LN13 9DG

A stunning purpose built fitness studio with ambient colour change mood lighting, classes at this studio always feel special.  There is street parking at this venue after 6pm .  A ten class pass can be purchased for £60.

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Trusthorpe Village Hall

Sutton Rd, Trusthorpe, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
LN12 2PL

A recently refurbished cosy village hall, this venue offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere.  There is parking at this venue.

The Classes

Yoga, Mon 8pm, Alford

In this class we work towards peak postures, ensuring they are accessible for all by breaking the postures down and finding a variation that suits your body.  This class works on strength and flexibility in a mindful manner by incorporating breath work and guided relaxation.

Pilates, Tues 7pm, Alford

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that strengthens the body, improves posture and flexibility.  The core strength exercises will help to keep your back happy and strong, reducing the risk of injury and pain.  The mind also gets a rest from daily stresses as we focus on our breathing, the class ends with a short guided relaxation.

Yin Yoga & Nidra, 2nd Sunday of the month 7.00pm, Alford Corn Exchange

A monthly, 90 min session.  Yin yoga is a slow, quiet class, where seated, prone or supine postures are held for a number of minutes, passively and with the support of props such as bolsters, to encourage the body to release long held tension. Session ends with Yoga Nidra, includes a crystal to keep.

This session must be pre-booked via the events and bookings page of this website.

Chair Yoga & chat, Thurs 5pm, Trusthorpe

Yoga is not just movement, it's community, it's friendship, it's a break from day to life, it's a little segment of escapism in your week.  In this class we focus on two things - accessible movement and building friendships.   Movement is worked on from chair (don't be fooled - full body stretch and strength work is promised) and friendships are made as I encourage chat during this class!

Yoga, Thurs 6pm, Trusthorpe

A friendly yoga class that offers gentle full body strength and stretch work.  We practise breath awareness and mindfulness within the postures.   A range of yoga props are provided and used throughout the practise, including bricks, blocks, straps and resistance bands. This class ends with a short guided relaxation.

Booking Policy

Pay as you go classes can be booked via message or at then end of each class.  I ask for 24hrs notice if you cannot attend a class to allow me time to advertise the space, less than 24hrs notice will mean the class fee may still apply.  Certain classes as detailed above must be booked in advance.  If you have any issue with booking please don't hesitate to contact me.

"SO..Yoga classes make me feel calm, settled and relaxed"

"It's such a lovely class, Steph makes you feel at ease the moment you walk through the door"

There is a freedom waiting for you, on the breeze of the sky and you ask
"What if I fall?"
Oh but my Darling, what if you fly?
-Erin Hanson

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