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New Class..

Yoga and Pilates have never been more needed..

After an extended amount of time of not being able to leave home to attend classes, it's very natural to feel less fit than you used to.

Lockdown may have left us stiff from not moving about as much as we would like..

So now we can go to classes we can't wait to get there, am I right?

Not necessarily..

You see Lockdown didn't just make us less active.. it made a great deal of people anxious.. and understandably so.

There is no right or wrong attitude about returning to our pre covid lifestyles.

Some of us will easily fall back in to old routines, and some of us will be more cautious.. it's OK.

I have spoken to a few people lately who would like to try yoga but are feeling either cautious or anxious.

So I have come up with 'The Quiet Class'

A yoga class capped at a maximum of 8 people, for those who don't feel ready to attend a busier class.

If you are feeling cautious or a little anxious this could be the class for you.

Whatever your reason for wanting to try yoga in a smaller group hopefully this is a class that you can feel at ease in.

There is no criteria to meet, you can be a complete beginner to yoga. Also, rest assured there is also no need to explain why you want to join The Quiet Class instead of a regular class.

You simply drop me a message and say 'Steph I think I might benefit from The Quiet Class' and if there's a space available it's yours, no other explanation from you needed.

So what will the class be like? That's a good question because if you are feeling a little nervous or anxious, knowing what to expect can help to put you at ease.

The class will be based around a theme, let's use Balance as an example.

I will explain the theme a little at the beginning, so for balance I might suggest how finding a sense of balance in our lives can help us to feel calmer, more in control and steady.

We will then explore the theme using very simple breathing techniques and yoga postures. Finding our balance in yoga just might help us find a sense of balance away from our yoga mat.

I will offer help throughout the class with postures and give different variations so there is never a worry that you won't be able to do something.

Nor is comparison an issue, no two bodies are exactly the same so it's unrealistic to think we all look the same in yoga postures.

And anyway.. I don't want your focus to be on how you look in the postures.. I would instead like you to notice how your body feels.

Yoga has a wonderful way of creating sensations of strength, courage, release, security, expansion, grounding.. the list goes on!

So, if you want to try yoga, in a smaller class, drop me a message and if there is a space available it's yours, no need to explain why you feel you want to join this class.

But also know, if you have any concerns about trying the class or any questions at all you are very welcome to get in touch.

Love Steph x

This class will run on Tuesday at 6pm, booking essential.

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