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How to use crystals..

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

People often wonder how they can use crystals and what benefit is there to gain from using them. There are some really simple ways you can use crystals and it really doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. In this blog post I share with you some easy ideas of how to incorporate crystals into your day to day life.

But firstly.. How do crystals work?

Everything has a vibrational frequency, me, you, plants, sounds, smells, and you got it.. crystals. Changing our vibrational frequency has an effect on how we feel. Aromatherapy is a great way to explain this - if you have ever wondered why the fragrance of a certain oil has an effect on you mood, be it calming or uplifting, its all to do with vibrational frequencies. Smells have a vibrational frequency that interact with our own vibrational frequency.

It is exactly the same principle with crystals. The process is called 'resonance', the harmonic interaction between two vibrational frequencies. Each crystal has its own vibrational frequency (we will be looking at individual crystals in future blog posts). When a crystal is near our body the crystal brings our vibrational frequency inline with its own. As we delve deeper in to how to use crystals you will see there are many crystals with many different healing properties, and this is all to do with their vibrational frequency.

But where to start?

If you are new to crystals you could look up a crystal for a certain purpose. But intuition is a strong thing. Let me explain, I am always drawn to orange crystals most strongly. Orange is not my favourite colour (it's green in case you were wondering!) But orange crystals work to bring harmony to the Sacral chakra (more about chakras and crystals to come in future blogs, but if you wondering what I mean by 'Sacral chakra' click here.. ) In brief, orange crystals are great for emotional health, self expression, creativity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. All of this is stuff I needed help with when I discovered crystals, I had no idea about chakras, the crystals that I need always stand out to me and they will for you too!

Ok, I have a crystal now what?

Now the magic begins! Here are some really simple ways you can bring crystals into you day to day life, you can pick one or several, but make sure you pick a method that easily suits your life - that way you will easily develop a new habit that you are likely to keep up.


This one is super easy! Use crystals to decorate your home or desk at work. Just having crystals near by can bring benefit. Rough cut crystals and clusters make beautiful decorations (keep your eyes peeled in the SO..Crystals shop for rough cuts and clusters, coming soon!) A clear quartz cluster can help to regulate the energy of the room and bring about a sense of balance. Amethyst and Rose Quartz also make beautiful additions to any room.


Again, nice and simple, if meditation is your thing, simply holding a crystal whilst you meditate can help your mind to clear and your crystal will ward off negative energy. Lapis Lazuli, Black Obsidian, Amethyst or Clear Quartz tumble stones are great choices to hold during meditation (shameless plug we sell all of those in our SO..Crystals shop!)


Those that know me won't be surprised to read this is my favourite way to use crystals, because I am a yoga teacher! Very simply, I go to my crystal collection (tumble stones are best for this as they are smooth so less risk of injury if your stone is on your yoga mat) and I choose whatever crystal jumps out at me that day. If I am working on something in particular - maybe I feel lacking in energy or confidence, or maybe I want to wind down before sleep, I may have a specific crystal in mind. But nine times out of ten I choose by intuition. I hold my crystal during the opening and closing meditations of the class and during the class I place it at the top of my mat to use as a focal point (plank holds seem much kinder when you have a pretty crystal to look at.. just saying!)

Carry them with you..

Super easy - keep your crystal in your bag, purse, wear as jewellery.. I have had some tiny crystals in my purse for over 10 years now. I also tuck a Citrine tumble stone into my top everyday, and if I were to forget it, I feel lost without it!


If you need help sleeping a crystal on your bedside table or tucked inside your pillow might just do the trick. Crystals that aid sleep include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Hematite (keep your eyes peeled for a sleep well pack of crystals launching in the SO..Crystals shop soon).

Put them around plants..

If you are green fingered this is the one for you! You can get very small crystal chips that make beautiful soil toppers for house plants. Certain crystals don't like water, but you are safe with any crystal form the quartz family.


I go with a slightly different take on this than the tradition use of elixirs. Crystal elixirs are water infused with crystal energy and can be drunk. However some crystal's (such as Malachite) are toxic if ingested. You can use quartz crystals for elixirs and safely drink them, but I prefer to use them to add to my bath water! I have a jar a friend made me for making moon water. Simply fill a container with water and leave it outside on a full moon to absorb the moon energy. Add your preferred variety of Quartz into the mix and you have crystal and moon energy all in one jar. The next day light a few candles and pour your crystal and moon energy elixir into your bath, bliss!

Healing and selfcare..

Crystals make the perfect selfcare tools because of their long since discovered healing properties. As we look at individual crystals in more detail we will look closer at their individual healing benefits. In the meantime, if you want advice on which crystal might help you, get in touch, I love to hear from you!

Give as gifts..

This is another favourite of mine and one of the reasons I have set up SO.. Crystals shop. How many times have you spent a fiver on a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, because you want to offer a gift but can't think what to get?! Crystals make the most thoughtful gifts that often become very precious and meaningful to the recipient. Hence why SO..Crystals aims to offer beautiful and affordable crystal gifts!

Hopefully there is something there for everyone, crystals are very easy to use and there really is no need for it to be complicated. Keep a look out for my next blog post on how to care for your crystals.

Don't forget SO..Crystals shop launches tomorrow! Friday the 16th of April 2021, there is also currently a giveaway over on the Instagram page, click here to enter!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love,

Steph xx

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