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Crystals for grief

Grief is part of life, loss is felt so strongly when we have loved wholeheartedly.

Grief is not just a feeling, it's a process. We find ourselves stumbling our way through denial, anger, guilt, deep sorrow.

Slowly we navigate ourselves through these very intense emotions to eventually head towards acceptance, hope and peace.

It's a long journey and it is not a straight line and sometimes we have days where we take a U-turn back sorrow.

And that's ok.

Missing someone you love is normal, guilt because your starting to feel OK is normal, but it really is OK to feel OK, it takes nothing away from your missed loved one.

Whatever stage of grief you find yourself in you may find crystals can offer you some comfort.

Many crystals have properties that could be beneficial for someone struggling with grief, these are just a few of my favourites.

Moonstone - this crystal calms emotions and helps us with acceptance. Like the moon has a cycle so does life, and Moonstone teaches us to accept these cycles and changes that life presents us with. Moonstone also help to release energy blockages and overcome repeated patterns - so perhaps if you are stuck in one of the earlier stages of grief; anger, guilt, denial, Moonstone can help you to gently move forward.

Amethyst - I picked Amethyst because it calms anger and other negative feelings. Anger in the early stages of grief is natural, but if you find yourself stuck in this stage and overcome with anger Amethyst will help to cool your anger. Amethyst is also a protective stone, and we all need looking after in times of sadness. Lack of sleep is so common after a loss, as are bad dreams. Amethyst will soothe you to sleep and protect you from bad dreams.

Rose Quartz - the love stone. Why is loss so heartbreaking? Because we have loved so strongly and suddenly we don't know where to direct that love. Your loved ones are still with you, just in a different way, but the love is the same. Use Rose Quartz to surround yourself with loving energy, picture your loved one as you hold Rose Quartz and know that you are sending them your love, I'm pretty sure they will be there sending their love straight back to you.

Clear quartz - The Master Stone, this powerful crystal will amplify the energy of other crystals nearby so you can use it with the crystals I mention above. However, my main reason for choosing Clear Quartz is because you can programme it with an intention. Meaning if you sit with this crystal, you can instil your thoughts into it. Now, an intention can be an affirmation such as 'I am strong' or 'I shall get through this', but here's a little thought for you.. So many people who loose loved ones feel like they regret something left unsaid. So, here's my thought on using Clear Quartz, hold the crystal whilst thinking about the person you have lost and tell the crystal whatever it is you left unsaid. Put the crystal next to a photo of your loved one and trust your message will reach them.. although.. I bet they already know.

If you're struggling with grief, you have my love and my understanding, I know it's hard.. I really do.

All my love

Steph xx

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