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Just pretty stones? Or could they really have healing properties…

You, me and everything else on this planet is made up of atoms, which are made up of energy. Crystals are just the same, made up of atoms which means they are made up of energy and as such have their own energy frequency.

Crystal healing focuses on energy within our bodies. When this energy becomes stale, blocked, or unbalanced we can feel this as physical effects to our health and emotional wellbeing.

Different types of crystals are said to have different properties which have varying effects on energy within our bodies. These variances are due to the different ways different types of crystals are formed.

Therefore, it is thought that simply holding or being near crystals can affect our energy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Crystal healing is a holistic therapy where healers use specific crystals to help each physical, emotional, or spiritual concern. Crystals are selected depending on the concern and placed on or around the body. The person being healed simply lays back and relaxes, allowing their body to be open to the crystal energy.

We can use crystals ourselves in our day to day lives to help create a little more balance. You can place crystals around your home, carry them with you, hold them whilst meditating (or even just sat quietly). Crystals make beautiful jewellery and ornaments!

I love to place crystals at the top of my yoga mat. I sometimes select them based on their properties, but most often I will just go with the stone I feel most drawn to with out thinking of its properties, lately my go to stones have been Moonstone, Sunstone, Orange Selanite and Clear Quartz.

If you are new to crystals and wondered what stones to begin with here are a few suggestions:

Beginners Crystal Collection

Clear quartz

Clear in colour

Focusing and balancing to the energy of the body, this is a good all purpose stone as you can programme it with your intention.

Rose quartz

Pale pink in colour

Known as the stone of love, perfect for encouraging self love.


Shades of purple

This stone aids restful sleep and helps intuition.

Black Onyx

Black in colour

Know as the protection stone, this stone will keep negative energy at bay.


Yellow in colour

The stone of success, can increase will power.

Cleansing your crystals is important to keep their energy fresh and vibrant. There are many ways to do this – soaking them in salt water, burying them in earth overnight, putting them outside or on a windowsill under a full moon, using sage incense. Find a cleansing ritual that feels right for you and be sure to perform it regularly. If you use salt water be sure to make sure it is suitable for your type of crystal – some softer crystals are not suitable for this type of cleansing.

Once your crystals are ready to use you can set an intention for them, just like we do in yoga. Simply hold the crystal and tell it what you need from it, for example “please help me to sleep better and feel more rested”, or perhaps “I want to feel more energetic”, or maybe “I need help to feel calm”.

Whatever it is you need select a crystal that feels right you - you may look up the meaning of the stone or simply go with which stone you feel most drawn to and ask it for the help you need.

Once you have finished with the stone you can cleanse it again, so it is ready for a new intention next time you need it.

Keep an eye over on my Instagram over the coming weeks for more posts about yoga with crystals, using crystals to balance the seven Chakras and posts about individual stones and their properties.

Lots of love

Steph xxx

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