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My Crystal Rituals..

You probably already know.. I love crystals! I carry 5 with me at all times tucked away safely in my bra. Occasionally they fall out when I am teaching yoga though..

I carry:

Hematite - To keep me feeling grounded and safe

Amethyst - For it s healing properties

Tigers Eye - To help me to be brave

Rose Quartz - For love

Citrine - To help me manifest

I have a special bowl I keep them in, a beautiful wooden bowl that I got at a local Christmas Fayre, that is hand made by a lovely fella who attends my classes. I take my time morning and night as I take the crystals out or put them back in the bowl. I think about the help and support I need from each crystal - the reason I picked it, and this helps me to focus on those aspects of my life that I asked them to help me with. I see them as a group of supportive friends who help me to feel safe, soothed, loved and confident.

Of course you don't have to carry this many! And many would say less is more.. I think do what feels right for you, and this little group of crystals feels right for me.

Aside from my little crystals that I carry all the time, I have recently started working with a large piece of Tri-coloured Calcite. I can't lie, I bought her as stock for my crystal shop.. but every time I looked at her I knew I couldn't part with her. So on New Years Day I took her up to her new home in my bedroom (she had been sat with some pretty big quartz geodes which have cleansing properties so I knew she was ready to work with me). I laid her in the middle of my New Years Day Tarot card spread and then on the 2nd I used her for my New Moon intention settings. I have sat with her every evening since for a few moments, strengthening my connection with her and the intentions I have set. My cat, Suki, also seems to be very drawn to her!

This piece of Tri-Coloured Calcite has Red, Orange and Peach Calcite elements which will work well to balance the Root and Sacral Chakras - our energy centres that focus on feeling safe and grounded (Root) and our sense of belonging and ability to express ourselves creatively (Sacral). She really does give me a warm feeling of safety, but at the same time she has an air of inspiration about her.

Using crystals really isn't complicated - there is plenty to learn, which I think is part of the fun. But often people are put off using crystals for the fear of not using them correctly. Whilst I do spend a lot of time reading and learning about crystals, I really believe your intuition will guide you.

If you need help to get started on your crystal journey I have some upcoming workshops. On Sunday the 16th of January I am hosting an online event called Me And My Crystal. Participants will receive a surprise tumble stone through the post and then in the workshop (delivered via Zoom) I will talk you though how to connect with and use your crystal - one crystal is all it takes to make a difference and get you started on a wonderful journey into the world of crystals.

I am also going to be hosting in-person workshops at Empower Fitness Studio in Alford, Lincolnshire. The January date is fully booked already but I shall be adding the next date very soon! These workshops combine working with crystals and gentle yoga and guided meditation. We will look at how to use crystals in relation to the chakras. For these workshops each participant gets a set of Chakra crystals to take home. When we take our time to start to become aware of the energy of crystals and how they can help to balance the energy that is within us that is when the magic begins! I really believe in the power of crystals and can't wait to share these workshops with you!

If you would like to book on to the online Me And My Crystal Workshop you can find out more by clicking here..

I shall keep Instagram and Facebook updated with the dates of the in-person workshops, the first one booked up within 24hours, I am so grateful to those of you who booked!

As always, thank you for reading, and remember, one crystal is all it takes to start your journey into the amazing world of crystals!

Love Steph

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