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Holistic, personalised support...

Perhaps you don't quite feel ready to join a group class, or perhaps you have very specific reasons for wanting to develop a Yoga and/or a Pilates practise.  I can personalise sessions to suit you and your needs.   

A private session means you are guaranteed a session tailored to meet your specific needs or goals.  You can ask questions and gain detailed feedback in relation to your practise in a way that isn't always possible in group classes.

If you would like to develop your yoga practise by deepening the connection between the body and the mind, private sessions can be beneficial in helping you to develop a personal, sustainable yoga practise that suits your lifestyle and your physical and emotional needs.

My privates sessions are open to all.  I have a special interest in  Menopause support and stress reduction.  I also very much enjoy working with those who want to build strength and flexibility in a way that is mindful and nurturing to both the body and mind.

I am also a huge fan of splits stretching!  If you feel too shy to join my splits class, try a privates session, I will help you to feel ready for a group class in no time!

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Menopause Support..

Perhaps you would like personalised menopause support, or would like a small group session for you and your friends or colleagues.  I host Menopause Awareness sessions for up to 4 people in my treatment rooms at Empower Fitness Studio, Alford.  For bigger group sessions please get in touch.

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Yoga for the Menopause..

Yoga can be beautifully adapted to support symptoms of the peri-menopause and menopause.  Breath practises and meditation can help to manage symptoms such as hot flushes and feelings of anxiety and irritability.  Yoga can also help you to focus and improve your concentration, alleviate feelings fatigue and help you to sleep better.


Strength & Stretch

From as early as our 30's bone and muscle mass can begin to decrease.  Resistance training aspects of Yogalates help to maintain bone and muscle health.   In a 1-2-1 Yogalates session we can develop a Yogalates practise that  helps you to maintain and build both strength and flexibility.  Yogalates is core strength and posture focused, perfect for a happy healthy back.

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Stress is very common, when left unmanaged stress can become detrimental to both your physical and mental health.  If you are feeling the effects of stress a 1-2-1 session can help you to take time out and get back on track.  Whether its a calming Yin Yoga and meditation session, or a yoga flow you can loose yourself in, I can develop a yoga practise just for you.

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Have you always wanted to do the splits?  But feel too nervous or self conscious to begin.. I was so far away from achieving the splits when I began flexibility training, but with dedication and anatomy focused strength and stretch, it is achievable!  I can help you get started on your flexibility journey!  Even if you consider yourself as un-flexible, you absolutely can eventually achieve the splits - and improve your joint health and strength along the way!  

Let's begin!



1-2-1 sessions are priced at £30 Per hour.


Sessions can be shared please get in touch for details.

Block bookings for 1-2-1 sessions can be purchased:

4 hour block £110

(£10 saving)

8 hour block £210

(£30 saving)

Hours purchased as part of a block can also be used for holistic therapies.

I just want to feel like me again...

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